hello! i am hara!!! my 3 current personality traits are cats, borzois, and sparklefurs, but i have other interests too! the reason i made this site was to practice coding, and because of that, it might always be changing! my apologies if this goes down for maintenance. i am an artist, and while currently a hobbyist, i want to turn this into a career when im older! i also like to code, as you can see here. i know CSS and HTML pretty well, and i might start learning javascript soon to get the best out of this site :D im a minor, and agender as well as lesbian. i tend to talk a LOT as well as type in ALL CAPS!! because of that i do not tag that. ever lol. if you don't like that, then u probably shouldn't follow me lol. but enough about me, how're you doin?


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atomizer (tlt remix) - fiab not so fast! - rotteen slow mover - fiab a bunch of samples played consecutively - negaren yellow rmx - fiab say it ain't soCal - neil cicierega west mansion - mayhem disinfect the dead - kitcaliber hey fucker - kitcaliber surprise



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