hi! :3

hi im..... hara......... i like cookie run but not the nft part........... im a little crazy so i might seem a bit hyper sometimes lol
i love women and absolutely DESPISE gender. `span> classes aside though (i lied to write that span class i needed a span class), i'd say im a pretty chill person! i like tally hall and lemon demon, as well as of Montreal and (unfortunately) HALLEY LABS (i dont support emma, thank you very much!) i primarily draw sparklefurs and i occassionally play pokemon. im very, very heavily hyperfixating on borzois, as well as some other things. but mainly borzois. i love borzois. if im ever sad please please please please pretty please send me a borzoi pic they make me so happy oh my g

some more links!

my extended pronouns pokefarm q
my carrd
borzoi bot (more interesting than this)(i dont run the borzoi bot)
spence (my qpp for a year)

some fellas =]